TM1 + HB7

NXP / FreescaleARM A9LinuxAndroidBluetoothWiFiGPSGSMCapacitive TouchResistive Touch

  • Computer-on-Module and Carrier Board combination
  • 3G, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Dual CAN accelerometer, Light Sensor
  • Supports either 4.3″, 7.1″ or 9.7″ TFT LCDs
  • Supports Projected Capacitive or Resistive touchscreens
  • 12 digital input & outputs, USB 2.0 Host and Device ports
  • Dual RS232 Ports plus single RS232/422/485 port
  • Stereo audio inputs & outputs and audio amplifier
  • Lithium Ion battery charge/discharge/monitoring

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Our TM1+7 SBC is makes a low cost, readily available, long life smart phone platform available for you to design your product around.

We have designed, tested and approved the platform to make integration into your product as easy and risk free as possible. With a mix of high speed digital and RF interfaces occupying a very small space the TM1+7 presents Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G GSM, GPS, CAN, I2C, GPIO, Accelerometer, Light Sensor, touchscreen Controller, LCD interfaces, two RS232 and one RS422/485 together with a powerful ARM Cortex A9 1GHz processor. Getting this range of electronics to work together reliably needs an extensive operating system that has been tested and proven to work across a range of use cases. The TM1+7 has two operating systems, Android and Linux.

If you are looking for a touchscreen solution then check out our Beta C series of modular touchscreen platforms where we have integrated the TM1+7 with our LCD, touchscreen, mechanicals, cables to provide an easy to use solution.

If you require something a little different we can provide the schematics for the carrier board free of charge (under NDA) to help you create your new product as quickly and as risk-free as possible. Please contact us for further details.

Technical Specifications

CPU ManufacturerNXP/Freescale
CPU SeriesARM Cortex™ A9
CPU Speed1.0GHz
CPU DetailsFloating Point Unit
L2 Cache
CPU CoresSingle Core
Inputs / OutputsGPIO
RF CommsBluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth BLE
Wi-Fi 802.11 abgn
Wi-Fi 802.11 bg
Serial CommsCAN
Ethernet 10/100
USB 1.1
USB 2.0
Audio / Visual
AudioAnalog Audio Headphone Out
Analog Audio Line In
Analog Audio Line Out
Analog Audio Mic In
Graphics2D Acceleration
Camera Parallel Interface
Graphics Controller
Video Decoder
Video Encoder
DisplayRGB LCD
Operating SystemAndroid
Linux - Ubuntu
Temperature-10° to +70° C
-20° to +70° C
-20° to +85° C
-40° to +85° C
0° to 60° C
0° to 70° C
Power Supply12 Volts DC

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File NameDescriptionDownload
Firmware Update Utility (Linux & Android) for TM1 + HB carrier boardsFirmware update utility to run on Windows PC to load Linux & Android binaries onto TM1 + HB5/6/7/etc. 1.04 GB
Embedded Linux SDK for TM1 + HB Carrier BoardsLinux SDK for the TM1 and HB5/6/etc. 7.31 GB
Embedded Linux Virtual Machine for TM1 + HB Carrier BoardsVirtual Machine for Linux on the TM1 and HB5/6/etc. 19.18 GB


File NameDescriptionDownload
HB7 Block DiagramBlock diagram of the HB7 hostboard for the TM range of computer-on-modules. 81.82 KB

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