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Robust , cost-conscious, flexible functionality

We have the capabilities to meet all your needs

Our embedded touch screen line up is highly configurable and flexible. The BETA range demonstrates just a small subset of the solutions we offer. As both designer and manufacturer we have a unique ability to offer a fully integrated and optimised solution. Be it a medical device, vehicle display, laboratory equipment, security system, or IoT edge device we work closely with our customers to ensure we provide a solution that meets their needs perfectly. A modular approach and inhouse multidisciplinary design capabilities ensure every aspect of your solution can be optimised; operating systems, customised electronic interfaces, mechanical and environmental solutions, see Custom Electronics Design for details of our capabilities.

BETA supports 4.3″ to 12″ LCD, PCAP and resistive touch, multiple compute platforms, full Android and Linux support and extensive expansion options. Unlike many consumer tablets and commercial touch screen solutions, BETA products will be in stable production until at least 2030, while benefiting from direct UK manufacturing, support and expert guidance.

A configuration from the BETA product line up may already meet your needs, but if need something different in order to meet your precise requirements then don’t hesitate to Contact Us, the chances are we can easily offer an innovative solution to precisely meet your needs.

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Meeting customer expectations, precisely

Our HMI products let you source exactly the solutions that your customers need

Your system’s HMI is its ambassador; it will critically influence your customers’ first impressions during any evaluation. It’s not just about its resolution and colour rendition, but also its presented information quality. Is this fast-loading and detailed enough to support the system’s planned application? Does the touch screen’s responsiveness and accuracy meet your customers’ expectations?

Yet not all customer expectations are the same. These depend on their system’s type and numbers of I/O, complexity and extent of processing, and environmental challenges, plus the users’ nature, needs, and market – whether automation, aerospace, commercial or another type.

Our embedded touch screen modules

Our HMI modules, your freedom of choice

Our embedded HMI modules free you to meet these widely diverse expectations rapidly, yet with precision. They integrate the display panel, single board computer and touch screen, together with all associated electronic, power and mechanical chassis components, as a ready-to-use subassembly. You choose the right screen size, appropriate processing power, and best touch technology for your application.

This delivers your ideal configuration, without the risk, complexity and cost of attempting a custom design. You remain focused on your core competencies rather than on touch screen integration chores. Each module can also be pre-loaded with an operating system, so you can install your application immediately, drop the module into your embedded system environment, and get to production faster.

Made in the UK

Multidisciplinary, local support ensures rapid, effective and reliable response

All modules are manufactured in our Cheshire, UK headquarters, where colocated electronics and software engineers work with onsite purchasing, testing and production facilities. This means that you always benefit from rapid and effective support, from concept and prototyping through to production.

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How are our HMI modules used?

Our wide-ranging HMIs become small, hand-held devices - or components for large industrial systems

Example 1

Industrial control system upgrade

A traditional industrial system might comprise a large I/O count managed through an outdated control panel with buttons, switches and dials. Replacing this panel with an embedded touch screen offers users a smart phone type experience, plus more insight into process status and greater flexibility in implementing design changes.

Example 2

Standalone controller

Our embedded touch screens have sufficient processing power, networking, serial and process I/O to act not just as an improved user interface, but also to become a fully functional controller for many applications. In vending machines, for example, they allow improved customer interaction, together with digital signage and remote monitoring functions.

Example 3

Stock control tablet

With battery and WiFi options, our touch screen modules provide better functionality for handheld mobile applications like stock control; more applications, richer data and real-time communications with the back office.

HMI customisation service

Get exactly what you want, with only the customisation that’s essential

The ALPHA and BETA product ranges provide powerful solutions variously for environmentally demanding and cost-sensitive applications. Yet there may be occasions where you can’t find exactly what you want straight off the shelf, but wish to minimise customisation costs and delays.

If so, our HMI customisation service can help. This will take you from prototyping through to full production, while making optimal use of standard, semi-custom and fully-custom embedded touch screen products along the journey.

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