HMI Customisation Service

Get an HMI that exactly fits your application - with minimum customisation

Start with ALPHA or BETA

An ALPHA or BETA module can be your finished HMI - or a platform for further development

If you need an embedded touch screen – to perform either as a host system’s HMI or as a complete system in its own right – then a standard ALPHA or BETA product, if suitable, will provide your fastest, easiest route to market.

However, a standard touch screen may not fulfil your concept entirely, especially for commercial production. It could be overprovisioned, and therefore unnecessarily expensive; alternatively, it may lack a function that’s critical to your application. Yet leaping straight into a custom design without any proof of concept can be risky and, ultimately, unnecessary.


The HMI Customisation service approach

A tailored step by step approach - from concept through production

An easier, lower-risk approach is to use our HMI Customisation service; a resource which takes you from concept through to full-scale production with optimal speed and efficiency:

PrototypingConfigurationPre-productionFull production


For prototyping, proof of concept, and initial elevation to touch screen sophistication, use a standard ALPHA or BETA product as the development platform. The extra cost of any unwanted components, or of adding some ‘breadboarded’ functionality, will not be critical at these low volumes.

Semi-custom solution examples

Strip out unwanted components, add extra functionality, or choose deeper modification


An embedded HMI touch screen module with a stripped-down baseboard containing fewer serial channels for communicating with the host system processor. Cost and space savings are achieved through eliminating unwanted I/O circuitry and connectors.


A module with an added SATA channel to accommodate a customer’s disk drive. Development costs were minimised as only the carrier board needed modifying.


A unit with a TFT display, but pushbuttons instead of a touch screen, plus some specialised functionality that precludes low-cost ‘off the shelf’ options.

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Our process

Engage with our engineers, and enjoy multidisciplinary support throughout your product’s lifetime

One thing that’s certain is that striking the optimum balance between standard, semi-custom and fully customised products is highly project-dependent. This is where our HMI Customisation service comes in:

  • Concept: You discuss your specific requirements with our engineers
  • Plan: They respond with a concept-to-production roadmap that demonstrates an optimal standard/semi-custom/custom balance
  • Design & production: You work directly with our UK-based multidisciplinary engineering resource throughout your project’s design and then production
  • Product life cycle: Your product’s life cycle is protected by certification and long-term component stability

This seamless, lifetime support strategy assures ongoing delivery of exactly the HMI product you want – freeing you to focus on your own market-winning application.

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Customisation service highlights

We recognise that customisation projects demand prompt and comprehensive support

HMIs from tiny hand-held devices to highly robust train controllers – or anything in between

Guaranteed support and component availability for product lifetimes

Service includes thermal testing, EMC compliance and certification

UK-based multidisciplinary team with minimal third-party supplier count reduces project cost, risk, complexity and time to market

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