BETA Standard

NXP / FreescaleARM A9WindowsLinuxAndroidCapacitive TouchResistive TouchWiFiBluetooth

  • 7.1″ 800 x 480 resolution TFT LCD
  • Projected Capacitive or Resistive touch screen
  • 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor
  • 256MB, 512MB or 1GB DDR3L memory
  • MicroSD socket or 8GB eMMC Flash storage
  • USB 2.0 Host and Device, LAN, SPI, I2C, 2x RS232 port, 1x RS232/422/485 ports
  • Stereo audio inputs and outputs, audio amplifier
  • Plastic ‘soft touch’ frame
  • Vertical connectors for panel mounting

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The BETA Standard is a pre-integrated touch screen module configuration designed as a drop=in solution for general-purpose applications where a modern user interface is required. The combination of a 7.1″ LCD and ARM Cortex-A9 CPU provides enough real estate and power for feature-rich software and smart graphics.

A BETA touch screen HMI is the ideal LCD platform for quickly creating your new touchscreen based product. Each BETA HMI consists of a touch screen, LCD, single board computer, mechanicals and injection moulded bezel together with the relevant approvals and rigorous environmental testing. You just need to add your software to get your new product to market.

Our BETA touch screen platform is designed and manufactured in the UK. It offers great value for money together with excellent engineering and high reliability. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of technical support so that, if necessary, you have access to information when you need it.

The BETA platform is completely configurable. It allows you to pick the components that match your application more closely, so if this particular pre-selected configuration doesn’t match your requirements then get in touch with us to discover the other options available.

Technical Specifications

CPU ManufacturerNXP/Freescale
CPU SeriesARM Cortex™ A9
CPU Speed1.0GHz
CPU CoresSingle Core
Inputs / OutputsGPIO
RF CommsBluetooth 4.0
Bluetooth BLE
Wi-Fi 802.11 abgn
Serial CommsEthernet 10/100
USB 2.0
Audio / Visual
AudioClass-D amplifier
Stereo Inputs and Outputs
GraphicsOpenVG 1.1
PXP (PiXel Pipeline processing)
TouchProjected Capacitive
LCD Size7.1"
Operating SystemAndroid 4.4.3
Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
Windows EC 2013
Temperature-20° to 50°c
0° to 50° C
Power Supply5 Volts DC

See datasheet for more detailed information.

Download Datasheet

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File NameDescriptionDownload
RS485 Application NoteApplication note for the use of RS485 on a TM1 / XE1 442.00 KB
BETA Standard datasheetDatasheet for the BETA Standard starter configuration. 388.59 KB
HB6 Technical User GuideTechnical User Guide for the HB6 carrier board (for TM computer-on-modules). 3.69 MB
Linux User Guide for TM1 / HB5User Guide for building Linux operating systems on the TM1 computer-on-module and HB5 hostboard platform. 2.82 MB
TM1 Pin Out OptionsiMX6 Pin out Reference for the TM1 in Microsoft Excel format 17.89 KB
HB5 Technical User GuideTechnical User Guide for the HB5 hostboard (for TM computer-on-modules). 2.36 MB
Android for TM1 User ManualUser Guide for Android running on the TM1 computer-on-module. It provides the necessary information required to starting building Android applications. 1.63 MB


File NameDescriptionDownload
Firmware Update Utility (Linux & Android) for TM1 + HB carrier boardsFirmware update utility to run on Windows PC to load Linux & Android binaries onto TM1 + HB5/6/7/etc. 1.04 GB
Embedded Linux SDK for TM1 + HB Carrier BoardsLinux SDK for the TM1 and HB5/6/etc. 7.31 GB
Embedded Linux Virtual Machine for TM1 + HB Carrier BoardsVirtual Machine for Linux on the TM1 and HB5/6/etc. 19.18 GB
Android APIs for TM1Android APIs for the TM1 system-on-module. 150.97 MB


File NameDescriptionDownload
Beta 7x DimensionsDimensions of the 7.1" Beta embedded touch display modules. 38.58 KB
HB5 Reference Design for TM1Reference schematics for the HB5 hostboard (for TM system-on-modules). 450.45 KB

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Can we buy the BETA units with a different coloured bezel?

Yes, we can supply BETA units with custom coloured bezels subject to a minimum quantity of 100 pieces.

Can we design our own PCB with the connectors we require for our product and industry?

Yes. One of our main goals when we designed the BETA range was to enable our customers to design their own PCBs and also include their own circuitry if they wished. Have a look at the Hardware manual to start with for the signals provided on the 50-way 2mm connector. Also look at the 3D CAD files for the dimensions.

Can you provide a custom design service if we choose not to design in-house?

Yes, we can. We can also manufacture and test the complete BETA unit and provide a warranty.

Which operating system do you recommend we use with BETA?

It really depends on your experience and what you are trying to achieve. Android is very good in that it has an established development environment (using Java) and the development cycle can be fast as there are many programmers who are experienced with this platform. We provide our own API to provide access to all the interfaces that Android does not normally support (ever seen an RS232, RS485, I2C or Ethernet port on a mobile phone?) to make as easy possible for you. Linux does not have the constraints of Android in that it gives you incredible freedom to create your unique development environment and tools. If you have the necessary experience then Linux can be a great basis for a new product design and Ubuntu is one of the most popular flavours.

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