RE1 (End of Life)

MIPS TechnologiesAu 1100MIPSWindowsLinuxResistive Touch

  • Low-cost single board computer
  • Low-power RISC based processor – typical power profile of under 1.5W
  • 4x USB host ports
  • 1x USB device port
  • 2x RS232 and RS485 serial ports
  • 12 off GPIO channels
  • No heat sink or fan cooling required
  • LCD Personality Modules are available to make interfacing to selected LCDs plug and work

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Please note that this product is now End of Life. If you require assistance, please contact our Sales team.

Based on a high integration system-on-a-chip (SOC) RISC core processor, the RE1 combines computing performance, I/O flexibility with an incredibly low power budget.

Board power dissipation starts at just 1.5 watts for the 333MHz CPU and 2 watts at 500MHz making the RE1 an ideal candidate for operation via battery or Power Over Ethernet (POE). Key hardware features include SDRAM and Flash memory, serial ports (3), Ethernet, audio, touchscreen controller, optional SD or Compact Flash, USB Host Port (4), USB Client Port (1) and 12 TTL general purpose I/Os. These I/O interfaces and features are made available on standard connectors on the back side of the main CPU board. Software drivers are provided for each of these I/O functions for the supported operating systems.

We’ve included an 8 bit expansion interface for customers wanting to add custom I/O designs thereby enhancing the flexibility of the RE1 even further. Alternatively, we can design to your custom requirements or provide support for your own designs. All of this functionality has been designed into a board slightly bigger than a playing card.

Technical Specifications

CPU ManufacturerMIPS
CPU SeriesAU1100
CPU Speed333MHz
Inputs / OutputsGPIO
Serial CommsEthernet 10/100
USB 1.1
USB 2.0
Audio / Visual
AudioAnalog Audio Headphone Out
Analog Audio Line In
Analog Audio Line Out
Analog Audio Mic In
GraphicsGraphics Controller
DisplayRGB LCD
Operating SystemLinux - Buildroot
Windows CE 6
Temperature0° to 60° C
Power Supply7 to 36 Volts DC

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File NameDescriptionDownload
Windows CE6 for BCT RE1 User GuideUser Guide for Windows CE 6.0 and the RE1 single board computer. 1.10 MB
RE1 Assembly and Start GuideAssembly and Start Guide for the RE1 single board computer. 476.19 KB
RE1 User GuideUser Guide for RE1 single board computer. 851.79 KB
Embedded Linux RE1 User GuideUser Guide for building embedded Linux operating systems on the RE1 single board computer platform. 336.64 KB


File NameDescriptionDownload
RE1 Configuration UtilityBootloader configuration utility for the RE1 single board computer. 8.79 MB


There are currently no designs downloads available for this product. Please get in touch if you require assistance.

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You state that the power consumption of the RE1 is typically under 1.5 watts. Can you be more specific?

Yes. Please contact us and we will provide more detailed power consumption figures including the (slight) variation with input voltage. We can also provide figures when the RE1 is combined with our LCDs.

What operating systems do you support on the Beta range?

We currently support Windows CE 6 and Linux.

Which operating system do you recommend we use with the RE1?

It really depends on your experience and what you are trying to achieve. Windows CE is very good in that it has an established development environment (using Visual Studio) and the development cycle can be fast. There are many programmers who are experienced with this platform. Linux does not have some of the constraints of Windows CE in that you have incredible freedom to create your unique development environment and tools. If you have the necessary experience then Linux can be a great basis for a new product design. It is important to recognise that the memory on the RE1 is relatively small at 64MB and therefore you will need to plan for this is using a Linux operating system.

Can you provide a custom design service if the RE1 does not match our new product specification?

Yes, we can. We have our electronics, software and mechanical engineers in house as well as all our manufacturing and test facilities. Please contact us for details.

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