NXP / FreescaleARM A9LinuxAndroid

  • NXP i.MX6 ARM Cortex A9 1GHz Dual / Quad-Core processor with Trust Zone
  • ARM NEON MPE (Media Processing Engine) coprocessor per core
  • 32KB Instruction Cache + 32KB Data Cache per core
  • 1GB/2GB 64 bit DDR3 RAM
  • 1GB SLC NAND Flash
  • Gigabit LAN, CAN, PCI-E, I2S, UARTs, SPI, I2C, GPIO and more
  • Dual HD displays (DVI/HDMI & LCD) supported concurrently and independently
  • 1 video camera/capture port – concurrent operation with dual video channels

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The RM3 is the latest addition to Blue Chip Technology’s highly successful computer-on-module (COM) range of products in a tiny package, just 50 by 50mm. The RM3 processor is the latest NXP i.MX6 Cortex A9 with dual and quad-core processor options. The graphics engines on these versions of the iMX6 are class leading and able to drive two independent displays. A COM is an off-the-shelf building block with all of the functionality of a high performance single board computer – CPU, chipset, RAM, Flash, Ethernet, CAN, etc but without the usual constraints. Instead you choose the board size/profile, the inputs /outputs and the connectors that suits your product best and then fit one of our COMs to provide the level of performance required. Basing your new product on our COM means the most expensive, complex and highest risk elements of the design are already proven whilst your host board design is a simple task which can be completed quickly and effectively. We can either support you when you design your own host board or if you wish design it for you.

Technical Specifications

CPU ManufacturerNXP/Freescale
CPU SeriesARM Cortex™ A9
CPU Speed1.0GHz
CPU DetailsFloating Point Unit
L2 Cache
CPU CoresDual Core
Quad Core
Inputs / OutputsGPIO
Serial CommsCAN
Ethernet 10/100
Ethernet 10/100/1000 (Gigabit)
USB 1.1
USB 2.0
Audio / Visual
AudioAnalog Audio Headphone Out
Analog Audio Line In
Analog Audio Line Out
Analog Audio Mic In
Digital Audio
Graphics2D Acceleration
3D Acceleration
Camera Composite Interface
Graphics Controller
Video Decoder
Video Encoder
Operating SystemAndroid
Linux - Ubuntu
Linux - Yocto
Temperature-10° to +70° C
-20° to +70° C
-20° to +85° C
-40° to +85° C
0° to 60° C
0° to 70° C
Power Supply3.3 Volts DC
5 Volts DC

See datasheet for more detailed information.

Download Datasheet

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File NameDescriptionDownload
Rx3 BSP User GuideThe user guide for building software images for the RM3 and RE3 using the RX3 BSP. 94.90 KB
RM Module SpecificationSpecification for RM system-on-modules. 578.36 KB
RM3 DatasheetDatasheet for RM3 system-on-module. 1.13 MB
RM3 User GuideUser Guide for the RM3 system-on-module. 1.41 MB
Using the Yocto Linux PlatformIntroduction to the Yocto Platform for the RM3 and RE3 . 366.58 KB
HB3 DatasheetDatasheet for the HB3 hostboard (for RM computer-on-modules). 1.14 MB
HB3 Technical ManualTechnical Manual for the HB3 hostboard (for RM system-on-modules). 1.13 MB
HB3 Quick Start GuideQuick Start Guide for the HB3 hostboard (for RM system-on-modules). 1.32 MB


File NameDescriptionDownload
Rx3 BSPThe Board Support Package (BSP) for building RM3 and RE3 software images. 1.53 GB


File NameDescriptionDownload
HB3 DimensionsDimensions of the HB3 hostboard for the RM range of system-on-modules. 45.66 KB
HB3 Reference SchematicsReference schematics for the HB3 hostboard (for RM system on modules). 3.00 MB

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Can the peripheral interfaces be changed on the RM3?

Yes please see the outline in the datasheet for an introduction. Most of the peripheral pins have several other options that can be selected through software.

What development boards do you provide for development based on the RM3?

Please see our HB3 which is the development board designed especially for the RM series of processor modules.

What is the manufacturing life of the RM3?

The RM3 is based on the NXP iMX6 which is available until at least 2025 and probably a lot longer.

How can we design our own host board for our new product based on the RM3?

One of our key goals when designing the RM3 was to make it as easy as possible incorporate it into a product. We can provide the schematics for our HB3, subject to signing a mutual none disclosure agreement, to help you complete your design as quickly as possible. We use Altium for our ECAD system and can supply either Altium or pdf schematics.

Can you provide a custom design service if we choose not to design in house?

Yes. We can. We will also be happy to quote you for the manufacture and test of your complete product including warranty and technical support.

What operating systems do you support on the RM3?

We currently support Android and Linux Ubuntu LTS.

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