• PCI plug and play half card (compliant with 3.3V and 5V buses)
  • 8 differential inputs or 16 single-ended inputs. 12 bit resolution, 4 x 12 bit analogue outputs
  • 24 programmable digital I/O channels at TTL levels
  • 3 onboard 16 bit Counter Timers (8254 compatible)
  • Suitable for monitoring input voltages with a full scale reading as low as ±5mV
  • Sample and hold amplifier provides accurate readings at varying input signals
  • Analogue voltage and current outputs are bi-polar
  • Digital inputs can be either voltage or volt free contacts

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The PCI-ADC is a PCI-compatible half card which provides analogue and digital input/outputs and counter/timers. Eight differential or sixteen single ended analogue inputs are available with 12-bit resolution and programmable gain to allow full scale input ranges of between ± 5mV and ± 5 volts. The maximum sample rate of these is 230 KS/s.

A FIFO input buffer is available such that 1024 analogue samples may be taken before processor intervention is required. Four bipolar analogue outputs are provided to 12 bits resolution. Each may be individually configured as voltage or current outputs with full scale range of ±10 volts or ±20mA.

There are 24 TTL compatible programmable digital input/outputs available from the board and there are also three programmable counter/timers, the outputs of which may be used to generate interrupts, to initiate analogue input conversion, analogue output sample update, or digital I/O. A 4 MHz crystal oscillator is available on board to allow the counter/timers to provide accurate time bases.

Technical Specifications

Inputs / OutputsAnalogue to Digital Converter
Digital to Analogue Converter
Expansion BusPCI
Operating SystemWindows 7
Windows WES8
Windows XP
Temperature0° to 60° C
Power Supply3.3 Volts DC
5 Volts DC

See datasheet for more detailed information.

Download Datasheet

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File NameDescriptionDownload
PCI Cards WDM Drivers User ManualUser Manual for WDM drivers for PCI cards. 378.72 KB
PCI Cards Windows NT Drivers User ManualUser Manual for Windows NT drivers for PCI cards. 132.51 KB
PCI-ADC User GuideUser Guide for PCI-ADC data acquisition card. It covers the technical specifications of the card, installation instructions and more. 312.91 KB
PCI-ADC DatasheetDatasheet for the PCI-ADC data acquisition card. 1.68 MB


File NameDescriptionDownload
PCI Cards WDM Driver for Windows 7 – 32/64 bit (unsigned)Windows 7 Driver for PCI data acquistion cards (32/64 bit). 290.69 KB
PCI Cards WDM Driver V7 (for Windows XP only)Windows XP Driver for PCI data acquistion cards with hyperthreading support. 140.47 KB
PCI Cards Borland Library FileBorland Library for PCI data acquisition cards. 4.00 KB
PCI Cards Linux Driver (3rd party Alpha release from Boca Microsystems)Linux Driver for PCI data acquisition cards. 10.17 KB
PCI Cards WDM DriverWindows Driver for PCI data acquistion cards. 3.73 MB
PCI Cards UtilitiesDOS Utility for PCI data acquisition cards. 69.59 KB
PCI Cards Delphi HeaderDelphi header file for access to functions exported by the PCI data acquisition card API. 60.42 KB


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